AWS Resource Center is legit

From setting up a pre-configured Bitnami WordPress AMI (Amazon Machine Image) through EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) to registering this domain and creating a Hosted Zone and an Elastic IP associated with the instance through Route 53, I must say Amazon made this process super easy with their intuitive guides found in the Resource Center.

I was also able to setup the CloudWatch agent with a cronjob to send log data of system resources every 5 minutes, which is viewable from the Console. Here is a sample Dashboard I was able to quickly slap together:

Other than removing the annoying banner found on a default Bitnami WordPress site, the final piece I wanted to get configured with this initial setup was an SSL certificate. Being a proponent of Let’s Encrypt as a free and open CA, after a little digging, I found a guide that generates and installs a Let’s Encrypt Certificate by utilizing the Lego Client. Simple.

RemindMe! 90 days “Renew Let’s Encrypt certificate”

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